Friday, June 5, 2009

Betty Crocker

For the last several months, since about Thanksgiving really, I've been on this baking kick. I bake at least once a month. Cookies, pound cake, cupcakes, banana bread, muffins, whatever. I'm entirely sure why. I don't even eat most of what I bake. I either take it to work or leave it around for my roommate to eat. Occasionally I bake for an occasion but not typically. Most recently I made a carrot bundt cake, which turned out super-well. I also baked some lemon coconut sugar cookies. Not enough lemon for my taste but everyone else who's tasted them has liked them.

Sometimes I wonder where I got my baking bug from. My mother doesn't really like to bake. The only thing I really remember her making as a kid was apple crumble. My grandmother apparently baked but she died before I was born. I have a great aunt who bakes, and one of my mother's sister's bakes. I have a new niece and I wonder if maybe my own daughters won't like to bake, but L will.

I have some bananas that are getting brown and I think I'm going to make some banana bread happen. I'm sure I'll find someone to eat it.