Friday, July 30, 2010

Halfway Across the Country and Back Again

So by now most of you have heard that I was in a car accident last week. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

Last Thursday I was on my way to Memphis to catch a bus to Philadelphia to perform at the SGI-USA East Territory Youth Culture Festival. I stopped in Conway to pick up two people- P and E. A few miles outside of Lonoke, my tire blew out. I attempted to pull over to the side of the road. The shoulder was a downward slope before it dipped up again. As we went down the shoulder, the my car flipped a few times. Thankfully we were all wearing our seatbelts. E was fine. He handled it the best out of all of us actually. I was hysterical but otherwise okay. P had to be pulled from the car and was bleeding from her head. I don't know the people were that stopped but I am very grateful that they did. After several men managed to get P out of the car, an ambulance and the police were called. I cried on a strange man's shoulder and tried not to hyperventilate.

We all rode together in the ambulance and E's mom and a few MD and WD members met us at the hospital. E and I were fine but it was obvious P was not. The hositpal in North Little Rock was not very efficient and after spending several hours waiting in the ER, E and I decided to leave without being seen.

SGI had arranged a flight for E and I  to Philadelphia since we had missed the bus in Memphis. We arrived in Philadelphia late Friday night. I had decided that because of my obstacles in getting to the festival, that I was going to have the best time that I possibly could. I like to think that I did. I met some old friends and new friends. I really had the most amazing time. I was in chorus and I have to say I didn't ever think I could sing as well as I did this past weekend. I was truly inspired by the people around me and my surroundings. I got to spend some time downtown and see the Liberty Bell and eat some delicious Indian food. Monday I opted to take a later flight since mine was oversold and ended up missing my connection in Memphis and spending the night there. I finally got back to Fayetteville on Tuesday morning.

P was released from the hospital on Monday with a staples in her head, a sprained elbow, and a bruised nerve in her neck that makes her arm go alternately numb and tingly. Overall she's doing fairly well and everything should heal with time. My mom was laid off a few weeks ago and has plenty of free time so she went down to Conway to take care of P for a few weeks. I've known P since she was 8 and I was 14. She's like the little sister I never had. I know that I can't let myself feel guilty because the accident wasn't my fault but I do feel guilty that she was injured under my care. I love her to pieces and I'm glad that she will be okay.

My insurance will not cover me getting a new car or anything so I will be without a car for who knows how long. I will be getting a bike soon though so that should help. Hopefully my insurance will cover most if not all of P's medical bills.

My birthday is in a week and I'm rather looking forward to it. I'll be 27, firmly into my late 20's. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing for my birthday yet but that's okay.

Check out my fb for pictures of my car and trip.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Could it be any hotter?

And yes it could be hotter but it's pretty hot right now. Not much going on here. Spending time with my lady. Working. The derb. There's been a bit of drama but hopefully that's all done with. We're reformatting teams and other stuff for next season. Should be interesting.

I'm heading to Philadelphia this weekend for the SGI East Territory Youth Festival. I think it'll be alot of fun. I'll get to see some people I haven't seen in a few years.

My birthday is in three weeks! Well more like two and half weeks. I love my birthday. It's the one day that's really all about me. I have no qualms about getting older because I just get better with age.