Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm a grown up now

So recently I got an email from A saying he was in the 'ville and would like to meet up for a coffee or something. I asked why and he said to catch up. At first I said yes, but then I changed my mind. And here's what I told him:

Here's the thing- I shouldn't have said yes I would meet up with you. I have no desire to catch up. I don't think we can be friends and right now I have no inclination to spend time with you. You forfeited your right to be involved in my life when you broke up with me and then posted shitty comments about me on your facebook page. I know you'll probably think I'm being unreasonable and that if I had ever really cared about you I would want to see you, etc. But this is who and how I am. I take things too seriously and my feelings get hurt by small stupid things. I'm bossy and controlling and I like things done my way or the highway and I try to compromise but quite frankly I'm not very good at that obviously. And when I've moved on from something or someone and I'm done, I'm really done. And I'm done with you and our relationship. You're a great person, just not for me and I hope that you'll meet someone one day who can make you happy.

This is a big step for me in that in the past I would have just avoided him completely and not ever really gotten any closure so to speak. I hope this closes it off for both of us.

Hi I'm a single girl living in a town I love. What can you show me today?