Thursday, May 13, 2010

Summer Here I Come

The school year is over! Oh how I love Fayetteville when students are gone. I know I wouldn't have a job and Fayetteville wouldn't have some of the awesome things it does without the college community and all that. But the lack of coeds in the street and traffic in the morning is quite nice.

My brother has made it halfway through his second tour of Iraq and his home on leave right now. Mom, C, and I are driving down to FL next weekend for a quick visit. I'm super excited about seeing everyone again! L is looking more and more like J every day. It's so hilarious. I wonder what she'll REALLY look like when she grows up and if people will think she's white. She's 3/4 so mostly, but we do live in the South. One drop is all it takes. She already has more olive skin than other babies and living in FL will only help it along. So far her hair is light brown leaning towards blond and curls when wet. Both her parents have thick hair that curls naturally so she'll have a serious head of hair at some point.

Mom is who suggested that C come along on our trip, partially so that we'd have another driver. I had my doubts about all that time in a car together but I think we'll be okay. The weather has been gorgeous there, perfect for the beach :). Hopefully I won't end my trip broken out in hives like last time.

Things between C and I are good I think. We're both guarded in different ways about different things but time is the only thing that will help with that. I think we're both doing better at communication. You would think as much as I like to talk I would be really good at it but unfortunately this is not the case; especially with people that are really important to me.

The Killbillies last home game of the season is this Saturday! We're playing Dallas Derby Devils who are ranked #4 in our region. We're ranked #10. We can beat them, the question is will we beat them? I sure hope so. Our season so far is 3-1 and I'd really like to continue our winning streak :). After this it's away games, one in West TX and the other in KC. Nothing says summer to me like traveling for the derb. Sometimes I wonder what I did with all my free time before I played rollerderby. I mean, I must have had a lot of it to be able to fit it into my life and still do other things. Who knows?