Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm missing things in my life

So apparently summer decided to take a nose dive straight into the nasty part of fall weather. I don't like cold weather at all but I do enjoy fall. Those cold mornings and warm sunny afternoons with the crispy smell of leaves in the air. Instead we have chilly, damp, rainy weather. This does not a happy Camille make. I like weather that you can wear a scarf with short sleeves and boots with no tights. Leaves are falling off trees but it's more because the heat killed them, then the slow slide towards winter.
I'm not much of a cheerful person in winter and this weather doesn't help me at all. Work has finally slowed down a bit so I can now take a deep breath. There may be some changes in the works but we'll see about that.
I miss my mom. I miss M and I miss J. I think it's partly just the time of year but also that I just miss some of my very favorite people. Just talking with them and spending time with them. This kind of weather makes me maudlin.
I still think C and I breaking up was the best decision though it makes me a little lonely. Some people are better as part of a couple and I think I'm one of those. I'm not saying I can't be happy alone because I can and have. I just do a bit better when I have someone to compliment me.
On the derby front- we're doing a private bout for Kraft Foods; there's a men's bout the week after that; and NWARD is otherwise gearing up for our 2011 season.
I need a roommate- who wants to live with me?


R said...

Ugh, on some days you have no idea how tempted I am to pack up a suitcase, invade your spare room, and never leave Arkansas again. I swing between not being homesick and being really, really homesick. But I always miss you! Sorry to hear fall there is icky, and sorry to hear about you and C. We should catch up soon!

Cam or Zilla said...

I always miss you too! You are welcome to my spare room at any time :) It's dried up a bit here so that's good. I'm going to Florida for Thanksgiving to visit the fam and hopefully that will help with my usual winter funk