Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stuck in the Middle

I hate being in the middle of things. And it's not even really in the middle cause one side tells me things and the other doesn't. Which makes me feel weird. I know that not everyone likes to share every detail of their life the way that I do. I get that, I do. It just makes me wonder what they're not telling me about me and that just feeds into my insecurities I have about people and relationships. I can't just cut them off but it is sometimes oh so tempting.

NOLA was mostly fun. Being in a van for 12 hours with 14 people is not at the top of my list for a good time but it actaully was okay. I'm still tired, still recovering. But we won! 151 to 119. And I played pretty well. About as well as last weekend against COMO.

My winter doldrums are slowly lifting. It was warm and gorgeous this weekend and that definitely helped. I have lots of stuff coming up and that really makes me just want to retreat from all of it. On the upside- going to FL in a few weeks to visit S and L with my mom. Should be fun.

I have my work evaluation today. Super not looking forward to it. I've had a different supervisor for every eval I've had at this job. I never learn anything constructive or that I didn't already know. Boo hiss.