Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Fever

My mother and I visited C's new baby, D, on Saturday. OMG. She's so adorable and I'm totally in love with her. She gives my niece L a run for her money in cuteness. C and S are both attractive people so I knew they wouldn't have an ugly baby, it also probably helps that I love her parents too. I've always known I wanted to have kids (preferably my own but I'm totally down with adoption if it comes to that) but being surrounded by babies really makes me want them RIGHT NOW. Which is not smart or really feasible or affordable right now but my hormones don't really care about any of that. I know I'm young and I have plenty of time, etc. but jeez.

I'm more okay with my job than not, I was just having a not so great day last time I posted. I applied for another job on campus. I've had an interview and I think it went really well so we'll see if I make it to round two. I like my job now but I think I'm ready for some new challenges. I was at my step-dad's Sunday for Father's Day and I was telling him about all this. He was saying there's nothing wrong with staying at a good job. It's different for most people now just with the economy and the way other things have changed (most people don't stay at the same place for 20 or even 10 years). Working for the state I have a lot of really awesome benefits that alot of people I know don't have. One of my coworkers and I were having a conversation about being a "lifer" i.e. in for the long haul at the university.  I think I would be okay with that. I need to get away from other people's opinion about what I should would could do and think about what would make me happy.

C and I are doing mostly good. Finally said the l word here recently. Being in love with her kinda freaks me out but I'm more okay with it now. We got in a fight the other night. I like to be right and can be kind of (okay, very) insistent when I know I am. She isn't as forceful as I am and will just back down. Which I don't like. I told her she needs to tell me to shut up and stop being an asshole. I need someone to tell me these things because most of the time I don't realize I come across that way. We also just process information and communicate differently. This is usually the source of our disagreements. We both think we're talking about the same thing but we're really not. I need people to be direct with me because otherwise I just don't get it. And I need to be more considerate of other people in general, and my girlfriend in particular. I've gotten better at it in the last few years but there is still much room for improvement.

The Killbillies are done for the season (unless by some chance we make it regionals). There's been some changes in coaching staff which seems to be going well so far. There will be some big changes before next season.....we'll see how that goes. Mostly good I think. The league has been exploding in size at a rate we have never seen before. Fayetteville and the Skatium have been very good to us.