Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On the Upswing

This past weekend, I took my girlfriend out on a really fun date. Saturday we drove down to Ft. Smith and went thrift store shopping (led by N) which resulted in C finding a pair of awesome boots as well as some amusing pictures. After that, we went to The Park at West End which has an old school ferris wheel and carousel. We ate sno cones and took fun pictures. It was SO much fun. C really loves carnivals and this was almost like a mini one. There weren't very many people there either which was nice.
Sunday night we went to the drive-in to see Prince of Persia and Alice in Wonderland. C hadn't even been to the drive-in before and it was alot really nice. We snuck in drinks and snacks.
Monday I broke out my grill for the first tie this season and made asian grilled chicken, some citrus salmon, and corn on the cob. All in all, a lovely holiday weekend.\

C and S welcomed their baby girl today! I'm so happy for them. She's beautiful (just like I knew she would be!). I'm surrounded by babies. H is due at the end of June but she's in Alaska so I won't her for awhile. And one of my coworkers is also due at the end of June.

We're off to Lubbock, TX this weekend to play West Texas and then to KC the weekend after. The Backwoods Betties are hosting a regional tournament the weekend after and I'll be playing! I'm super excited. All derby, all the time. What did I do with all the free time I apparently had before I started laying rollerderby?