Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do I Scare You?

Recently I was reading an article on one of my favorite sites and there was an article called 7 Pieces of Advice I Made Up For Myself and one of those pieces of advice really spoke to me: 3. Love means never feeling like you might scare someone away
I almost always feel like I might scare someone away. I can tell you, it is not a nice feeling, like you have to conceal parts of yourself or be less than who you really are in order to reel some unsuspecting person in just for some small chance at happiness. Most of the time I do scale it back a bit and try to present the nicest version of myself. And then once you get comfortable with that person and let down your guard, you're not who they thought you were. I don't do that anymore.
I have had people tell me that I can be intimating, or scary, or just too much to handle. I tell myself that I am better off without these people who can't "handle" me. While I know that I am better off, it doesn't hurt my feelings any less. I know what I want and if you ask me I will tell you. If you can't handle the answer you might want to rethink your questions or who you're asking them to.
I am comfortable with who I am and I not going to fit myself into small dark boxes just to make you feel more comfortable with yourself.


Alice Brody said...

I completely agree! The last "relationship" I was in was all about me not being my true self. That jack ass had NO idea who I was because all I did was tip toe around him. My current boy toy (heehee) knows every which way how weird I am and he loves me just the way I am:D. And the feeling is mutual! Be yourself because YOU are just about the most amazing woman I've met thus far!

Ryan said...

You worry too much. A lot of guy's would be eager to be with you. (I was-I'm just a dick) btw you should sell me that Mario All-Stars you have. Lol (see:dick)

Cam or Zilla said...

@Alice- thanks :)

@Ryan- It's hard not to worry. I haven't met hardly any of those guys. Also you're crazy, not a dick, there's a difference. And if I was going to sell my Mario All-Stars, it definitely wouldn't be to you.

Ryan said...

Damn, you set me straight!