Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random pieces of my life

This past weekend I met most of E's family and some of his good friends. It was interesting. And nice. They seemed to like me and I liked them. I was a little nervous but for no reason. Things are rolling right along though maybe not as slow as I was trying for but I think that's okay. Can I just say again how much I really like this guy? He's adorable, funny, smart, sweet......and he's super into me.

Our dogs also met for the first time and they get along. I was a little worried....Gizmo gets along with most dogs but that fight she had when I went camping has made me a little more cautious. E has a dog door and a fenced back yard which Gizmo loved! I really wish I had a fenced yard to offer her. I know she must get bored sometimes at home especially now that Iris is gone.

Sunday we went up to Bentonville and had lunch at Aroma, this Indiana & Pakistani restaurant. It was SO good. I haven't had good spicy Indian food in awhile.
Afterwards we stopped by Sephora and I got some new hair products. There's this stuff called Carol's Daughter that's made from natural ingredients and is geared specifically towards black hair. And they have it in NWA! I really like it so far. My hair looks great and smells good. I think I'm going to buy some more of their products in the future. They also make bath and body stuff and Sephora carries most of their full line.

I bought my ticket to visit M in New York for New Year's. I'm so excited! Mostly to see my best friend of course but also just to take a trip. I'll be there for 5 days, Tuesday through Saturday. Enough time to eat some yummy food, go to some museums, and maybe do a tiny bit of shopping. Oh and prolly fall in love with the city all over again.

My brother's family will be here in less than two weeks! And I've taken the week off to spend with them. I never minded my family living all over the place but as I get older, I kinda wish we all lived closer, at least within a few hours drive. We'll see.

Work's been a little crazy but nothing too bad. It's just that time of year. If I can make it through the next week and a half I'll have an entire week of vacation to spoil myself.

So close yet so far away.......