Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Work what?

Some days, like today and most of this week actaully, I just don't feel like working. I'm the kinda person who needs to be kept busy so I have very rarely have NOTHING to do but I would like it if one of those things was not work.

I really like crafty things. I made my Halloween costume, I made a headpiece for S's wedding, I can sew decently, I've recently learned to crochet, I make jewelry, and when I was younger I used to paint. Quite alot in fact. Two things my parents never had a problem buying me when I was a kid were books and art supplies. I haven't painted in a few years for no particular reason thought i still have some paint and my favorite paint brushes. Here recently I bought some paint (Liquitex acrylic) and last night I went and bought some canvas. So I would really rather be at home painting today. I have ideas in my head that need to come out. I'll also probably need some more canvas or some cardboard or something soon.

I'm looking forward to this evening. E is joining us for wings at Lucky Luke's. Mmmmmm....a man that I like, friends, and good food. A girl couldn't ask for more.


R said...

You made Sin's headpiece? That was fabulous! I hear you on the not wanting to work bit. But we're close to Thanksgiving, right? It's what I keep telling myself.