Monday, December 21, 2009


Christmas is in 3 days. I'm looking forward to it mostly because it comes with a week and half off work. One week from tomorrow I'll be in NYC with M for 5 days. SO excited!

I'm dating someone new? Kinda strange and definitely unexpected but in a very good way. I took up with M again but I'll be breaking it off again. I'm not willing to share C and she's not thrilled about sharing me either.

So Scott Leeper (who's this awesome blues guitarist) is playing at Smoke and Barrel on Christmas Eve. I think Mom and I are going to go. And then Christmas Day we're going to go see Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Junior. AND THEN the Starlight Skatium has it's grand opening the day after Christmas. That will be so much fun! C and I went and skated Friday night. The floor is so smooth and amazing. I can't wait to have practice and bouts there.