Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bounce Back Up Again

A and I broke up yesterday. Or rather, he broke up with me. I'm very okay with this actaully. My mother said I actaully sounded kind of relieved. He's still kinda angry about the whole thing was was mostly precipitated by me being a raging bitch. I freely admit this. In my defense, I played in a tournament for the first time this weekend, and I had started my period that morning so I was tired and felt ill. Ill enough that I stayed home from work which I had not planned to do. Anyway we may end up friends. Or not. I'm not entirely sure at this point. It was nice to be part of a couple but it's also a little nice to be single again. Sometimes I wonder where I will end up. I know I'm alot of work and I know I'm not easy. But you aren't either. And if you think you, you're lying to yourself.

My little brother may be deployed again. First they were going to let him out early, then they said if he came up with a life plan and was admitted to a college he could still get out early, and now it looks like they're just going to take him. What sucks the most about this is that L will be just 9 months old when J leaves, but will be 27 months when he returns. That's along time for anyone but especially at that age. L is getting bigger and more beautiful every day. It's so crazy.