Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Single Black Mothers

I came across this article today from CNN's "Black in America" series. I thought it was very interesting that these women chose to adopt a child, versus having one through a sperm donor or some other avenue. I do commend these women for making positive decisions with their lives. As one woman's brother said "You have so much love to give". Why not give it to a child who needs it?

I have always wanted children even when I didn't know if I would ever want to get married. The thought of not being able to bear my own children breaks my heart, but I have always said that I would adopt if I couldn't have children naturally, which is still my plan.

Black children are less likely to be adopted overall and and apparently "dark" children are even less likely to be adopted, even by black parents. I think it's terrible that the black community is still feeding into and perpetuating sterotypes. I could theoretically understand wanting a child that looks as if they could be a natural part of your family, but still. I wonder, would I get strange looks if I adopted a "dark" child since I'm "light"? I wonder what sort of assumptions would be made about my child's father or my background?

This is another reason why states that don't allow gays and lesbians to adopt (like Arkansas) frusterate me. There is a lack of stable, committed homes for children. If people (after rigourous mental, psychological testing, etc.) still want these children, let them have them! This is part of the reason why people adopt children from foriegn countries, because they get the run around in the U.S.