Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To Dominate or Be Dominated?

Oh this article speaks the truth. At least for me. I'm in control in most areas of my life. Sometimes it would be nice to NOT be in control or even have to have any control or to think about it at all. Of course I would have to have a crazy level of trust with someone. I think because I'm so "capable" I attract men who need to be taken care of. I can take or you but that doesn't mean I want to. I can take of myself so you should be able to as well. It would be nice to have someone who could take care of me every once in awhile though.

So since A and I broke up I've decided to jump back into the dating scene (not that I was super out there before you whatev). I've gone on two dates. Both went well but I'm more interested in one guy then the other. One I met online and the other is a friend of a friend. I definitely need to take it slow after my recent relationship adventure. It's a bad habit of mine to dive headfirst into things and I could see this guy getting skittish. He's sweet and like to read! and cook. I know, sounds good already right? So we'll see. I need to put post it notes everywhere to remind myself to be slow and undemanding. Yes, me, undemanding.

It's really interesting dating white guys again after dating a black guy, not that I keep track or anything, but just as far as expectations go. In some ways it's better with white guys because they have less expectations, or maybe they're just different. I'm not entirely sure. Their preconceived notions are different. Maybe since I've grown up in a majority white world I know how to deal with those more easily than not.

M is coming to visit next month! I'm so excited! I thought I was going to have to wait until November. She'll be here for the weekend of the Betties game (which is NWARG'S last home game). *Sigh* I miss her all the time. I've had other best friends but she really is the best. As long as she's in the city I'll probably be visiting at least a few times a year.