Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Movies and mayhem (but only in my dreams)

It may seem strange, at least it does to me, but I regularly dream about the city. Sometimes M is there but oft times not. I had a dream the other night that involved her talking on the phone in her room while trying on a yellow dress. Not really sure what that was all about. This past weekend I went to the drive-in with J and some other people I kinda knew but not really. I almost didn't go, and then decided that it would be a good idea to spend some time with non-derby friends. The movies showing were Angels & Demons and Pelham 123, both of which I wanted to see anyway. Both were good, Pelham more than A & D. Pelham made me miss the city which is weird since I've been there all of twice, the first time 10 years ago and then about six weeks ago. I think it's more what it represents to me, namely my best friend, good food, and a damn good time.

Summer is more than halfway over and sometimes I wish it could last forever though I do long for the days of sweaters and red leaves on the ground. My life is moving forward swiftly and I still don't knwo quite where I'm going. I'll be 26 in less than a month and I still have yet to accomplish many things I thought I would have already done by now. By the same token, there are many thngs that I've done that I never thought I would do. I need to stop measuring myself against other people but it's hard.