Monday, October 19, 2009


Damn. So I've been slacking a lot the past few weeks or rather......................

since Labor Day. I keep meaning to go to practice and then something happens. J actaully emailed me last week asking what was up. And I said I was going to be at practice on Sunday but didn't make it. I got closer than I have previously. Anyway, so I got a text from D saying I needed to get my act together because she's always fighting for me and other people are not feeling me. Team selection is coming up soon.
I just haven't been feeling excited about derby lately. I'm not entirely sure why. I know I need to get it together and if I don't, I could end up on the Betties. If that happens, I'll probably quit. And I don't know what I would do after that. There hasn't been much to my life other than derby in forever. And I love it. But I just don't know. Sometimes I feel like I've plateaued in my skating which really scares me because I feel like I'm just sinking lower and lower.
This is starting to feel like a lot of other things in my life where I have to put up or shut up and I usually shut up...because I can't motivate myself enough to make things happen. Hopefully that won't happen with derby.


Wes said...

I know what you mean about plateaus... I'll be hammering up some stairs one day and miscalculate the last step... raising my foot and leaning into the rung when the last step has already passed. That momentum feels like falling and throws everything off. The truth is though, I'm not falling, I've just hit the next level.