Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Miles and miles

So in effort to get my act back together (and cause I promised D I would) I went outdoor skating last night. Currently we're just having practices on Sunday but some girls meet on Tuesdays to do some outdoor skating to get some extra skating in.

Oh.My. God. We (well most of us) skated on the bike trail from Wilson Park all the way to Target and back. I don't know exactly how far it was but I know it was AT LEAST 6 miles. I kinda felt like I might die on the way back. But I did do it. And there were other people who didn't.....even though they've been (I assume) attending practice more regularly. Anyway so this gives me more confidence about attending practice since I haven't been in over a month. I super need to get it together.

It felt amazing skating last night. It's strange to me that it took me this long in life to find out that I really enjoy team sports and physical activity. It was also super nice to see my derby girls that I haven't seen in awhile.

On a side note: how are you going to try and be all nice and make conversation with me when the last time I saw you, you made a shitty comment that was uncalled for and unprovoked? I'll do what I have to do for derby and if it involves working with you than I will. But we have not ever been and at this point will never be friends. We are league members and occasional teammates.