Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A different kind of natural

So.......I did it. Or rather, am in the process of doing it. Combing out my dreads. I'm 90% done and should hopefully finish the rest tonight after work. It's been a long process (I started Saturday before last) but I have managed to keep a decent amount of length though keeping in mind that my dreads pulled my hair straight essentially and so now it's kinked back up. My hair is uneven but it always is so that doesn't bother me too much. At some point I'm going to flat iron my hair to get a look at the real length and probably do a quick trim. I also need to dye it because most of the colors I've dyed my hair over the years are somewhat visible. I've decided to wait a few weeks though to give my hair a chance to rest and to condition it after all the trauma I've put it through.

I'm actaully really excited about doing something different with my hair. I know it'll be a lot more work that I'm used to, but right now I'm okay with that. I know more about natural hair than I used to and I've been reading up. It seems likely that my go to style will be two strand twists with the occasional braids or maybe a small 'fro. It is long enough to pull back but I don't want to do that every day. We'll see. Pictures coming soon!


wes said...

It's certainly not to the extent of your hair, especially since you're not only dealing with dreads but 'black hair'...

but I find myself often torn with my own hair. it never looks right once it reaches more than an inch long. such is life.